Vintage?…… Old fashioned?…… Kitsch?……

I’ve been knitting and crocheting 45+ years now and I still enjoy learning new stitches and/or techniques. I don’t claim to be an expert, because there’s still lots to learn  (hopefully) and I just enjoy the experience, but you know, sometimes it’s nice to return to something basic…… something you don’t have to think about. The hook or needles just fly through a ball of wool and you don’t even notice how the work grows. The monotony of your movements just have this calming effect.

The tip of the iceberg

My daughter bought me a ball winder for Christmas, so I thought it would be a good idea to get my stash sorted. We all have those little scraps of wool – too small for a project but too big to throw away (I’m really silly because I just cannot throw anything away). Anyway – I started winding all mys scraps, big and small. I knew I had a lot………………but WOW.

I decided to use them and when I saw all the colours, I immediately thought of a good old fashioned Granny Square blanket. I don’t know what people think of Granny blankets (and to be honest, I don’t really care), but to me it’s been so nice to do. It’s “safe” and it takes me back to my childhood, long gone family members and the blankets I used to snuggle under.

My blanket is almost finished and my partner has already claimed it as his (that’s a compliment). He even has a name for it (now is the time to close your eyes if you hate swear words). He said: “Is that my f**k sh*t wrap you’re working on”? Me: “Your WHAT”?? Him: “F**k sh*t it’s cold……… know, my f**k sh*t wrap, right”? Well what can you expect from an East London boy, former Royal Marine, former Rugby player? As I said, I took it as a compliment lol.

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