Vintage ruffles……………Waiting for spring

I don’t know about you, but when January is almost over, I start longing for spring. I know – it’s a bit early but it happens every year and I find myself choosing vibrant colours to cheer myself up a bit. Sounds familiar?

Well I fell into a rabbit hole on the web, and found some wonderful pictures of Victorian times and the clothes they wore. Some of the women had these ruffled scarves and ……………light bulb! (as Gru says) lol

I found an old pattern, some scrumptious Malabrigo lace and so I began.

Needles​: 4 mm (US 6)

Wool suggestion: I used  Malabrigo Lace but I think almost any wool can be used. Why not try to experiment with thick wool like Aran or even chunky? You may have to alter the number of stitches though.


K: Knit

Wt: Wrap and turn (see how here)

Sts: Stitches

Final measurements: It’s totally up to you how long you want your scarf


Row 1. K

Row 2 . K 12 sts, wt, k to end

Row 3. K 6 sts, wt, k to end

Repeat Row 1-3 throughout

The scarf:

Cast on 32 sts and follow the 3 pattern rows until you have used the whole skein,(or until desired length) but make sure you leave enough wool to bind off. (Yes it’s that easy)

This one isn’t just suitable for summer. It’s long enough to wrap around your neck several times, thus making it nice and warm even for this time of year. It’s made in lace, but I’m almost certain any weight will do. I have a plan to try and make the scarf in heavier wool and different lengths………..but so far just a plan. I’m easily sidetracked and end up finding other things I MUST do………right now ha ha.

It’s a very easy pattern, so I hope you’ll enjoy. Let’s put some colour on until we get warmer weather and the flowers start to bloom.

This is how I store my scarf, when I don’t use it because it’s a bit difficult to fold. It looks pretty too this way I think.


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