Virus!!…………………….But don’t panic

Oh – Hi there………… Sorry I’ve been invisible for a while.  It’s ok though because things are picking up and I’ve had several new customers coming to me and asking for my help.

I’ve just finished this Virus Shawl for a lady. She bought the wool and said she wanted something lacey and crocheted. I’m surprised that she trusted me enough to just do something and surprise her. I hope it’ll be a good surprise for her.


For this shawl I’ve used 6 balls of James C. Brett Cotton On Denim and hook 4.5mm (US7). It’s really nice and soft and very light, perfect for the summer nights to come (hopefully).

If you want to do this yourself, there  is a YouTube video here

I hope you enjoy making the shawl. If you’re new to crochet, this is a good item to get your crochet to the next level. If you’re experienced, this is a good relaxing project and quick to make.

Happy hooking xxx

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